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Archive Monthly Archives: December 2016

Why I Have a Pink Yoga Mat

About a year ago I started taking yoga classes. I was impressed. Yoga has a very subtle but noticeable positive effect on my body and mind.

What was also very noticeable where the sweat stains- and smells on the publicly used mats. To avoid this, I ordered a yoga-mat online. It arrived by mail the day I flew back to Zambia. It was pink. I kept it. Here is why:

Being one of the few guys at yoga I already attract enough attention to myself during class. Now imagine the attention I would get if I rocked up with a bright pink yoga mat!?

I discussed it with a few friends and they all advised me against it, for several reasons. Mainly because:

  •  “I will be known as the guy with the pink yoga mat”
  • “It is girly and yoga is girly enough as it is”
  • “People will look at you in “a strange way”

I call bullshit. First of all, because I have no actual evidence that people will think this about me.

But more importantly, essentially it has  nothing to do with me and who I am. What it has to do with is people’s perception and labelling of what simply is.

Pink is just a colour. I am just a guy. If you judge me for it and make assumptions because of it, I won’t be offended. What you think of me is not my problem. My problem – or rather; my opportunity-  is what I think of me.

I’m happy with who I am. Pink yoga-mat or not. So will I buy a new mat just because it is “not normal” for a guy to have a pink yoga mat? Of course not. I have an opportunity to lead by example and show that what matters is what I think of me.

In many instances we base our decisions on what other people might think of us. That is a reaction out of fear. Instead, find love and embrace that what makes you different and unique. If you are cool with it, others will be too.

To pink yoga-mats

Nothing Yet and Coming Soon

Hi there,

If by any chance you are reading this, that is wonderful.

However it was not my intention for you to see this page just yet. You see, this is just a test page for me to test drive certain changes on my blog.

If your mind is full these articles could point you in the right direction to start creating a mindful life.

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Talk to you soon!